It all started when...


Two women met in acupuncture school and became friends. They had the same internships and realized how well they worked together in the SCUHS and CSU Fullerton clinics. It just so happened that they both had a very similar dream to create a wellness center that felt like home. A place that would have a beautiful, calm, and relaxed environment in which to offer multiple types of natural therapies where people can come to heal.

So they came together and created Elements of Wellness.

Along the road, they discovered their strengths and made a great team. They both initially had part-time jobs while starting up their business in order to foster their dream while it grew. Now their office is flourishing as they continue to grow, learn, and create new opportunities for their office, all while helping their patients to discover their own health with natural medicine.

Elements of Wellness was created in 2013 and is continuing to grow.

Come in and see what Elements of Wellness can do for you.