Have you looked at your tongue today?


A couple of questions patients often ask are “Why did you look at my tongue?” and “What does my tongue have to do with my health?”

The answer is that your tongue represents your overall health condition.

Chinese Medicine has taught us to understand the physiology of how the tongue changes in different physical and mental states.

Your body’s physiological state influences the tongue’s shape, color, moisture, coating, cracks, and deviations.

Areas of the tongue also correspond to organs and organ systems in the body. Depending on the area, abnormalities can show the location of the imbalances.

Normal tongues are pink, moist, and have smooth edges.


Abnormal tongue colors can be very pale, bright red, dark red, purple, and black. Additionally, abnormal tongues can have very thick coating, or no coating at all, deep cracks, or swollen and show teethmarks.

Early changes on the tongue do not always represent disease. But the imbalances they represent can lead to disease.

So now I have a question for you. Have you looked at your tongue today?