Now is the time to love your spine!


The adult spine and pelvis has 29 bones and 77 joints between just those bones. It is important to keep all of your joints healthy, because dysfunction can occur at any one of those joints. Spinal dysfunction can present in the form of inflammation, pain, stiffness, or problems to the surrounding muscles, ligaments or nerves.

Your spine is your center. Without it you could not walk or even stand up straight. Your spine safely protects your spinal cord and all the nerves traveling from your brain to your limbs and organs. Any problems to the nerves can result in pain, numbness, tingling, weakness or organ dysfunctions. Without your nerves you would not be able to move or even breathe.

Your spine protects the key to life…your nervous system!

When your spine and its joints are working correctly your nerves work more efficiently.

Here are 5 ways to know if your spine is not working correctly.

1. Posture – Are you slouching forward? Is your head more forward than the rest of your body? You should be sitting up straight and your head should be over the top of your body, and your ears in line with your shoulders. If not, your posture is showing some spinal dsyfunction.

2. Strength – Is it hard for you to sit up straight for long periods of time? Would you consider your core muscles weak or strong?

3. Flexibility – Does your back feel stiff in the morning? Is it hard for you to touch your toes? How far back can you bend or twist to the right of left?

4. Mobility – Do you sit for more than 4 hours a day? Sitting to your spine is like candy to your teeth. Getting up and moving around is like brushing your teeth. So get up and brush that spine!

5. Pain – Do you have frequent pain to your neck or back muscles? Do you have numbness, tingling, or weakness to your limbs? These are huge signs of spinal dysfunction and you should get examined by your doctor or chiropractor as soon as you can.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, ask us how you can improve your spinal health.

Now is the best time to love your spine. It’s the only one you’ve got.