Reiki energy addresses, physical, mental and energetic imbalances. Our bodies have a magnetic pulse. This bio magnetic field provides an accurate indication of our bodies current state. This field has proven to be a more accurate indicator than other traditional forms of electromagnetic measurements.

Whenever light is infused into one’s being, it illuminates that which has been kept in the dark. This includes outdated patterns, emotional pain that has been quietly suppressed, or even energies that don’t belong to the client, but have made a home in their energy body.

The beauty about Reiki is that although the Reiki practitioner is the one facilitating the healing, the true healer is the client. Everyone embodies innate wisdom (even if they may not be in touch with it or aren’t paying attention), and therefore, their body takes as little or as much as is needed during a session, for optimal healing.

As Reiki helps us release what no longer serves us and heals the chakras and energy fields that we cannot see, we are more able to greatly own our power, align with our higher purpose and raise our vibrations.

As a Certified Reiki Practioner, Nia does not offer diagnoses. All you need is the willingness to be open to the many benefits of Reiki energy.

A 15 minute consult is required prior to any Reiki session. It is also recommended to consume no alcohol or caffeine for 24 hours prior to your session.


 40 minutes $60                        |                         60 minutes $80                        |                           90 minutes $100